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Tim Flynn

I had placed an order with you for two hats- The “Travis” and the General “Lee”. I called just to see if you had them in stock and Leon was kind enough to look through the hats that were brought back from a re-enactment you had attended. He found one that was not shown on your on-line catalogue, wide brim, flat crown, brown color in what Leon thought was my size, and sent it right out. Well he was right! Since that hat came I have given away two Akubra’s, one Baily, and one Stetson. These were all top quality Australian and American fur felt hats, but they didn’t have that something special your hats have. They were just going to sit around and become moth fodder. The hat I received has become my favorite- at least I hope, until the “General Lee” arrives.

Your hats have character (something we’re running a little short of these days), and function. As regards the “Old West” and the “Civil War” collections, these designs still work as originally intended and most every one is timeless in terms of form, style, and function. I want to thank you for your fine customer service, and exceptional hats. In particular, thanks to Leon. I intend to wear mine with pride, and put’ em in the will.

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