Old West

Courtesy the Clearwater Hat Collection

CDV from the Clearwater Hat Collection

The Tucson

$200.00 | Toupe Color Shown

This hat is by special order only.

The southwestern sun bears unmercifully across the landscape, but you will be cool in the wide-brimmed hat we have named for the old city of Tucson. This hat was popular from 1860 through the end of the century. Curled and bound brim, front and back dipped.

The Tucson

$200.00 | Pecan Color Shown

This hat is by special order only.

This shows the same style with a flat brim and without a dip front or back. Both styles were seen.

Low Crown

$150.00 | Brown Color Shown

This is the working man’s hat of the 19th century and was as common then as ball caps are today. Please specify with or without ribbon on the brim.

If the past speaks to you of a time when our young nation healed its wounds and realized a vision that crossed a continent, then you will love these gentlemanly hats.


$150.00 | Coffee Color Shown

The Derby was introduced into America in 1860. After the Civil War it grew in popularity to the extent that by the 1870's virtually every man in America owned one or wished he did.

(Image Courtesy the Clearwater Hat Collection)


$150.00 | Black Color Shown

In the mid 1870's the height of the hat crowns began to rise. This taller-style derby was popular into the 1930's. These two gentlemen and the family in the below left images were enjoying a vacation when these photos were taken at the turn of this century. To the right of that are two photos of brothers with bowlers.

(All photos courtesy of the Clearwater Hat collection)

Top Hat

$200.00 | Black Color Shown (Larger size add $10)

To this day the top hat is still a symbol of substance and character. In the Victorian era, it denoted the quality of the person and immediately made a statement about a person's background or aspirations. Many top hats of this period were made of brushed silk sewn over cardboard frame. Our hat is made of fur felt and is much more durable than the silk counterparts. The crown height is approximately five inches.

Available in sizes from 6 7/8 to 7 5/8