Old West

Wide-Brimmed Tucson

$225.00 | Toupe Color Shown

This is a specialty color.

The southwestern sun bears unmercifully across the landscape, but you will be cool in the wide-brimmed hat we have named for the old city of Tucson. This hat was popular from 1860 through the end of the century. Curled and bound brim, front and back dipped.


$200.00 | Pecan Color Shown
This shows the same style with a flat brim and without a dip in the front or back. Both styles were popular.

Eliza on her horse, Reckless, at her parents' farm. Eliza barrel races, along with both of her sisters.
Eliza is wearing the Low Crown Hat

Low Crown

$195.00 | Coffee Color Shown

This is the working man’s hat of the 19th century and was as common then as ball caps are today. Please specify with or without ribbon on the brim.


$195.00 | Coffee Color Shown

The Derby was introduced into America in 1860. After the Civil War it grew in popularity to the extent that by the 1870's virtually every man in America owned one or wished he did.


$200.00 | Black Color Shown

In the mid 1870's the height of the hat crowns began to rise. This taller-style derby was popular into the 1930's.

Our prices vary based on the crown height and brim width.