“I have been enjoying my new Bridger hat I received last month. It is without a doubt, the best fitting hat I have, and the quality is superb. It is comfortable and looks great. If I need a hat again I will keep you in mind, as well as letting others know about you.”

– Paul Nottingham

“I just received a beautiful black English style Tricorn a couple of days ago. I have to say that this is the most beautiful hat in my possession… and I am a hat guy. The fit is perfect and I am so impressed with your work! It is art. Thank you for providing such a fantastic product. I am overwhelmed.”

– Shawn Holle

“Just a short note to let you know that you can add my name to your list of well satisfied customers. The quality of the hat is superb, as well as the felt. Hope to do more business with you in the future. Thank you!”

– David Wright

“I received my ‘Travis Hat this past Monday. The look is much better than any photograph can express. The fit was as if I was there for a personal fitting. the hat was well worth the wait! Rest assured that I will recommend Clearwater Hat Company to my friends. I can’t wait to show it off at our Christmas banquet.”

– Craig Schmidt

“I am writing you to thank you for the exceptional quality of workmanship in my hat. You have exceeded my wildest expectations. My next hat will most certainly be a Clearwater.”

– Anna Murrill

“I received my Tall Bee Hive hat yesterday and once again, you have provided me with a superb product. This is my second hat and I am really impressed. You may use me as a reference to the quality of your work.”

– Paul Goss

“The two most recent hats you have made for me arrived with the first snow. The hats as usual are superb. Once again I thank you for your wonderful work and dedication.”

– Bill Sembello

“I just received the ‘Gettysburg’ hat… unbelievable attention to historical detail. I will be ordering another fine hat soon.”

– Allen Jones

“I recently returned from the Single Action shooting National convention in Las Vegas. It was my intention to purchase a new hat. After looking at the available goods I once again came to the conclusion that the finest hats in America come from the Clearwater Hat Company. Clearwater hat construction is exceptional with my favorite part being the wide soft leather sweat band and period cotton liner. They just improve with age and wear. I have bought five Clearwater hats in the past, been extremely please and received compliments whenever it have worn them while doing living history presentations. often it is the hat that defines the character.”

– Chris Ball

“The hat is beautiful and does fit perfectly. I will be wearing it proudly next month for the John Brown Sesquicentennial. thanks for your fine craftsmanship.”

– Ed Wheeless

“I received my Derby the other day and it was absolutely great. I think these hats look much better than some modern hats and much, much better than a baseball cap.”

– Jim Searcy

“I wanted to let you know that I received my hat the other week. A black Shiloh. I must apologize for the delay in my writing to you – the duties of work have gotten into the way of free time. Anyway, I sent in a template for my hat and you called to let me know that I had one of the narrowest heads you had ever seen. During the call you made no promises to me that the hat would fit. When the box arrived, I tore into expecting to find, well, I’m not sure what I was expecting to find. But upon opening the box further and pulling out your work of art, I placed the hat unto my head and was amazed at just how wonderful it felt.

I cannot tell you thanks enough for the fine job you did, my narrow head, notwithstanding. Thanks so much for your attention to detail and fine customer service.”

– Jay Scott, 30th Indiana, Co. F

“I had to take the time to thank you for the outstanding refurbish job you did on my hat. It looks brand new. As usual, your work is great!”

– Jim Mitchum

“I have great news! My hat got here this morning and it’s really looking good! I am very happy with it. Now I can go to Gettysburg in style in my Clearwater Hat. thank you very much for the great job.”

– Aaron Howell

“Absolutely the best!! Great hat, terrific service. Hope to do more business with you very soon.”

– George McCormick

“Just a note to say thanks for the great hat. Great fit, great construction, great look. I can’t wait for the shoot this Saturday to show it off. Thanks.”

– Nick Pallone

“Dear Burtons, You have out done yourselves this time! I just received my tall top hat you made and of the 50 or so hats I have bought from you when I was in business or privately, this is the most impressive! Thank you.”

– George Mc Cormick

“I got my hat order today and I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that you did a terrific job on it. It looks great and it was worth the wait.”

– Carlos Moran

“My hat arrived today. And you were right, it really looks great!!! And the fit too!!! thanks!!! You did a really good job! No doubt I’ll have a future order for you.”

– Rex Cash

“Thanks you very much for the English Cocked hat that I ordered in early February 2002. My time frame was a rush type job, typical of living on the East Coast. I was able to attend General Washington’s birthday party looking like a fine gentleman of the 18th century. The hat is a work of art, and I just wanted to thank you again for getting it to me on my time schedule and doing an excellent job of it.”

– Bob Unger

“Received the Bowler and the Top hat today and am very pleased. Way ahead of schedule.”

– Ronnie Edwards

“A quick note to let you know that I received the two hats I had ordered! They arrived in perfect condition. One of the hats was for me personally, and the other for a partner. Mine is the Antietam, in pecan color, and I must admit, it is a perfect fit. this is the second hat I have from you, (the other, which I’ve worn for several months is the Slouch hat) and I am absolutely satisfied with each of them. From the hand stitched sweatband, to the lining, to the fit, and especially the look and feel of them, both hats are great!”

– Brian O. Hicks, USMC MSgt, Academics Chief, School of Infantry

“I just received my Tucson hat 6 weeks ahead of schedule. fits great, looks great, and the craftsmanship is great. My friends are asking for your web site, hope to send some more business your way.”

– Jerry Eich

“My Mosby hat arrived today. Outstanding is all I can say. Now all I have to do is decide which hat style I’m going to order next!”

– John Harrell

“Thank you for your wonderful product. My friend in Tempe Arizona received his Mc Crae hat. Here are his comments to me: ‘…so perfect! I have never seen such obvious attention to detail in anything of attire. Material feels fantastic. the fit? Absolutely perfect and couldn’t be adjusted by a percentage of a millimeter. I just had this in my hands, and it makes me feel good.’”

– Philip Dente

“Thanks you and even though it is your business, you hatters do beautiful satisfying work.”

– I. Frank

“Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the hat you crafted for me. Several people have quizzed as to where it was made. I have given them your web site and location at Timbo. Perhaps some of these guys will talk to you. I’ll probably purchase another hat come summer.”

– Stan Schrader

“I just wanted you to know that you have a very happy customer. I got my Mosby today from Santa (actually my Mom), and I love it. It fits great and looks good too. can’t wait until my first event in the spring to wear it and show it off to my reenacting buddies.”

– Robert Wallace

“I am so sorry that I am so late in sending this, but the hat was beautiful and fit like a glove.”

– Douglas Tomkins

“It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! thank you so much. I am so excited..it fits perfect, without the shims. Your beautiful top hat arrived in perfect condition and Bob tried it on immediately. what a fit. I will praise you to the rafters. thanks again.”

– Barbara Crankshaw

“Last year I received a coffee Gettysburg from you, and I’d like to thank you again for the quality of your product. It’s been unseasonably wet here in Seattle – and can imagine how wet THAT is. The hat has kept it’s shape completely and shed everything Mother Nature could dish out. And it’s kept my head as warm and dry as if I’d been indoors. Thanks again.”

– Andrew Williamson

“I just received my ‘Boss’ of the plains hat today and I love it. I am a SASS member and an old west reenactor. I am very particular with my wears. I wanted a ‘period correct hat’ with high quality, and I got it. If you are looking for a ‘store bought’ hat this is not for you. these hats are hand blocked and hand sewn like the originals made over 100 years ago. J.B. Stetson would roll over in his grave to know that his company doesn’t even offer the “Boss” of the plains hat. His original design, that started all cowboy hats. this goes to show you where the ‘big hat companies’ are today, following fads and forgetting about their heritage. If Mr. Stetson were alive today he would probably be wearing a Clearwater hat. they are made in the tradition of times gone by. My hats off to you!”

– Robert Thomason (AKA) Rockin T Cowboy

“Just wanted to tell you that I received my hat today, and was that ever fast service. I expected a 4-5 week wait, but it has only been 1 week and 2 days since I ordered it. The hat fits great and is of the highest quality and materials. Can’t wait to show it off at Perryville. thanks and keep up the good work.”

– Michael Collinsworth

“Received my Bridger hat today. Clearwater is the best! The hat looks great, authentic & fits perfectly. Thanks for your prompt service and high quality!”

– Dave O’Keefe

“I picked up my hat from the post office Saturday and tried it on, it fits great. Thanks for the help and the time. I know I will enjoy the hat for years to come.”

– Denny Greenwalt

“Received my tricorn today. VERY PLEASED! will recommend to my unit. thank you for your quick delivery and superior product.”

– Mark Kryza

“Please add me to your list of very happy customers. The hat is absolutely super!! Thank you.”

– Jerry Kayser

“Hi. Just wanted to say I received my hat in fine order today. I’m very pleased with the speed of the order. I wasn’t expecting the hat for some time yet. Thanks for speeding up my order and squeezing it in. Thanks again.”

– Kim Heltemes

“WOW!!! Talk about service. I received the hat today. It looks great and fits great. Thanks. Sorry to have been such a bother. As always I will have only the best things to say about you and your products! Can’t wait for all my comrades who rave about their Tim Benders to see your entry! it will make some people’s choices a little harder I think. Thanks again.”

– Christopher Wilson, Liberty Rifles

“Hello there, just a quick email to say that my hat has just arrived and it’s great. Fits like a glove. It was the SHILOH hat order going to Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. Thanks again, all the best.”

“Dear Clearwater Hats, Got my Hat in today. IT FITS PERFECT. Thanks for taking the time to help me with the fitting.”

– Dale Beasley, Private, 6th Miss Inf.

“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled and satisfied I am with my Cavalier’s hat. I’ve gotten many compliments on how correct it is to my re-enactment period, (1634) and after several months of being subjected to driving thunderstorms, being dropped in the dust and dirt, and the rigors of early 1600s camp life, it still looks fantastic and it’s still the hands down BEST fitting and attractive hat I’ve ever owned!

I’ve owned three 4X Stetsons over the years, and I’ll never buy another one. My business is yours for life!”

– Ken Cook

“Bob, the Shiloh Slouch I ordered from you arrived this morning. One word…AMAZING! This is the best quality hat I’ve ever gotten – bar none, and it fits perfectly. There’s only one problem…it’s so nice, I hate to wear it to a reenactment. (I will, of course).

If anyone asks me where to get a period hat, I will have only one answer: Call Bob at Clearwater Hats.”

– Jack Cox, Olathe Union Guard

“Hi, I wanted to let you know I received my hat and it is perfect! Thank you for your special effort in making it fit MY head. It is beautiful quality and workmanship. I would recommend you anytime!”

– Miriam Thomas

“Ladies and Gentlemen:

I received my very first Clearwater hat on May 17 and I couldn’t be happier with it! I was anxious to receive it and was delighted when I opened the package. The craftsmanship of the hat itself was superior and it was very well packaged to ensure that I would receive it in fine condition. I just wanted to commend you on such an excellent product and for everything that you put into it for me. I am looking forward to doing business again in the future!”

– Matthew Hooks, Ford City, PA

“I received my hat today and the style, workmanship, material, fit, and quality were all worth waiting for. Once again, sorry about the miscommunication about the first hat you sent me. It was great but it just wasn’t me. I really appreciate all the extra effort you guys put in to make the exact style I was hoping for. Many thanks.”

– Joe Bone’e, Whittier, CA

“My coffee beehive just arrived; I’m very pleased, the workmanship is outstanding. Thank you for the great hat and fine service.”

– Steve Adams, Evanston, IL

“Received the hat yesterday and wore it all night. It was everything I hoped it would be.”

– Gregg

“Hey, nice folks! Johnny Gay here. My hat came in today and my wife and I love it! Thanks so very much for a very good job and for your promptness! …Would you care to send me a business card so that I might share your business address with anybody who may ask?”

– Fred Froggingham

“…Just to let you know that I finally received my hat. It is a good hat – well worth waiting for. Thank you for your swift response and action when it turned out that a mistake had been made. A pleasure to do business with you.”

– Carsten Folman

“Kay & Folks, just got my new “Shiloh” yesterday & had to let you know it’s GREAT! It fits perfectly, is exactly what it is supposed to be in terms of accuracy (I’ve seen more than a few old hats!) and the quality is outstanding.

Furthermore, you advised me that I would have my hat in 3 to 4 weeks and I actually received it in 6 DAYS! I am impressed, and you have just become my hatter! (No, I don’t expect everything I order to deliver that quickly, but it was really nice to have it happen this time!)

You’d be amazed, or maybe not, but how poor most of the hats advertised for “old west” reenactors are—none that I’ve seen are even close to your level of accuracy or quality. It’s really nice to know that I no longer have to go to a custom hatter, select a blank, show him old photographs and explain what I want done, then have to have it done over when he gets it wrong the first time around. There’s no doubt that I’m now an advocate for Clearwater Hats!

You’ll be seeing further orders from me!

Many thanks on an excellent product and a job well done!”

– Phillip Friddell, Blanco, TX

“Was out of work a few days, but upon arriving back there was the tall beehive. Another excellent Clearwater hat. I love it. Every bit what I had hoped for. Thanks again for everything.”

– Jack Salisbury

“COOL!!! I placed my order in the mail on Saturday. This will be my third hat from you all. My top hat still gets comments from all kinds of people…young, old, men, women…

Be well! I love your work.”

– Oz du Soleil

“Hi Bob and Kay: I just received my “Mosby Hat”. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It looks just like the one in the daguerreotype I sent you. It also fits really well. Every serious reenactor should own at least one of your hats and I am glad that I now have my first.

Thanks again for my hat. Now I am going to have to look at your catalog again to see what else I need J”

– Chris Ownby

“Howdy Burtons, My hat arrived today and was not the quality I had expected. It was much higher. I am ecstatic. Can’t take it off. Can’t stop standing’ in front of the mirror. Now I want more hats. Is this addicting?”

– Robert “Utah Bob” De Groff

“Dear Clearwater Hat Company:

I received the Shiloh hat that I had ordered from you on Saturday. It is a beautiful hat and I like it very much. It is a little snug fitting but I think that it will work out just fine. It looks great with the outfit that I am wearing it with and adds a very nice touch to the clothing. Thank you very much for a very fine quality hat that I will treasure for a long time and get a great deal of usage out of.”

– Gary Stokum, Burgettstown, PA

“Just a quick note to express my satisfaction with the hat I bought at the Kalamazoo show. I believe it looks like the Tucson in your online catalog. Great work.”

– Jim Hunt, Chelsea, MI

“Bob, I picked up my new hat on the 25th and I couldn’t be more pleased. The fit is perfect! The workmanship is superb. I can’t thank you enough for all your work in getting the hat to me in such a timely manner. Thanks again!”

– Mark Robeson

“Dear Leon, Kay and Bob;

The “Travis” hat I ordered arrived the day I returned home from Santa Fe. Perfect timing. I must say it is the finest hat I have ever owned, and I like hats and own all kinds. The fit is perfect and the style has me standing out proud in a crowd.

I anticipate many compliments on this style and quality of hat. You folks certainly know your fine craft and I shall not hesitate to refer anyone who comments on this hat to you fine folks at Clearwater!

Thank you for a fine quality hat, prompt and courteous service, and the opportunity to deal with the finest people in the business of producing great hats.”

– Charles Thorne

“Dear Clearwater Hat Co. Just got my hat and wanted to say thank you. You really did a great job and I will not be shy telling all where I got it. Thanks again!”

– Dave Matthiessen, 7th Virginia, Co. D.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Antietam hat you recently built for me. It is outstanding! It’s finish is superb and the fit is just perfect.

I am sure that some of my pards are going to be a little green when they see it, and if any of them ask where it came from I will give them your name and describe the excellent products and service.”

– Dave Sarazin

“Hi, I got my first hat from your business today. I was very pleased with the quality of the felt and the attention to detail. From the historically correct sweatband to the cotton liner, I was pleased. I have been wearing hats all of my life. I am 41 years old. The first hat I got was when I was two years old. I have been a wearer of Stetson, Resistol, Bailey, Miller Bros., Beaver Hat Co., and a couple I can’t remember. This hat fits me perfectly, and is as good if not better than any of the ones I mentioned. If this hat is an example of your average work, I will not buy another hat from anyone else. Thank you.”

– Mike Duggan

“Dear Clearwater:

I don’t know where to begin. I received my “Bridger” hat about a week ago. The quality was second to none. I was very impressed with the hat. Outstanding! Unfortunately, it was too small. What happened next made me a Clearwater customer for life. I called to get info for returning the hat (which I did this time with a template of my melon) and received the most courteous, customer-comes-first service I have ever gotten.

Now just one week after I returned the hat I received the replacement. It fits like a glove. Your prompt, polite, and incredible customer service has no equal.

Thank you very much for not only the quality of your products but the quality of your service. As I mentioned before I will never buy a hat from another company.

We have your link on our website and I will recommend you above all others.”

– Jeff Kalsow

“Clearwater Hat Company:

I just want to say “thanks” for your prompt and courteous service.

The tricorn hat arrived in plenty of time for Christmas, and we are well pleased with the style of quality.

Thanks very much.”

– Beth Newland

“Got my General Lee hat today, it fits perfect! I have had the Gettysburg for almost two years through rain and shine and loved it, till now. My new one SHINES! Many thanks!”

– Tom Sparks, Georgia

“Clearwater Hats:

It has taken me awhile since I received my cocked hat last summer to write and say how pleased I am. I do events in the 1750-1790 era and the hat is perfect. There is something especially nice and comforting about a quality fur felt hat. You just feel good when you put it on and period correct. Also as nice are the compliments received. I hope I have steered more customers to you. Service and quality are second to none.

Thanks again and good fortune in the New Year.”

– Philip Liput, Ogden’s Co. Provincial Rangers

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Clearwater hats. I got one from my wife, daughter, and mother-in-law for Christmas (what a bunch of dears). I also received one from a good friend (a bowler, the hat, not my friend). Both are well made, great fitting hats. I have one of the biggest potato heads in the world and fitting me has always been a problem. You guys did a great job.

Thanks so much.”

– Craig “Big Mac Taylor” McConnell, Fort Worth, TX

“Hello. 3 weeks ago I received the hat I have ordered. Thank you for sending on time. It’s a great hat and it fits o.k. Thank you.”

– Jur Luiten, The Netherlands

“Hello. I recently ordered the “Tucson” southwestern hat from your company. I hadn’t even cleared the box yet when I thought to myself what a “Great Hat”. I own 4 hats made by D Bar J which I had paid dearly for and some are 10X hats and still cannot compare with your product. It was a perfect fit as soon as I put it on. It is shaped correctly, the brim and crown are the perfect height and width.

I belong to an Old West reenactment group that portrays the time period of 1850 to 1885. We strive to do our best at keeping everything as authentic as we are able to.

The name of our group is the “Border Renegades”, living in Southern California as I do, my group represents the Southwest during that time period. Each year we travel to Tombstone, AZ and put on street dramas during Memorial Day weekend plus other events during the year.

Anyway, thank you so much for a great product, in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.”

– Tom McCall

“I just want to let you know that I received my hat today and it is exactly what I expected. This is a good looking hat and very comfortable. I plan to break it in at Prairie Grove. Thank you for a quality product.”

– Gary Richards, 9th Texas Inf., Red River Bttn.

“I’m extremely pleased and proud of the Officer’s Hardee hat I purchased from you this past season. Please visit my new Civil War Hospital website http://www.forttejon.org/nyv44hosp to see your hat in use.”

– Brian Lunn, 44th Regt. NYV Field Hospital, Civil War Surgeons Society, Inc.

“Thanks for the great hat–fits great–I love it.”

– Kathy F.

“I am the webmaster for the Civil War Reenacting Group, 19th Indiana-Co. A, www.19thindiana.com I’m happy to say that you’ve been added to our links page under ‘Sutlers and Such’ (right above Dirty Billy). One of the biggest reasons for this addition is that I just became the proud owner of a Clearwater Hardee. I purchased it at the Kalamazoo Living History Show. Best fitting and made Hardee I’ve had in my 6 years of reenacting. Finding one to fit this 7 5/8″ head has always been a problem.”

– James Williamson Lt. 19th Indiana Co. A.

“Hello! I just purchased a wonderful ‘carpet bag’ from you over the weekend at the Kalamazoo Antique Arms and Pioneer Crafts Show. I absolutely love this bag, it’s great! Just wanted to let you know how much I am going to enjoy it and I hope to see you again at Kalamazoo next year. I would like to purchase at least two more bags at that time. You have great bags and hats, thanks again!”

– Deb Schmitz

“Just picked up my hat at the post office and it is beauteous!! Top quality, great insides too!! and will make this new editor of the Columbia Gazette a sharp lookin’ feller around town!!”

– Floyd D. P. Oydegaard

“Dear Bob and Kay, I just received my Shiloh hat the other day, and I must say: “WOW!” This hat looks tremendous. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was shocked to see how much better my Confederate private impression improved by putting the hat on. It fits perfectly, and I’m so very pleased. I have already received lots and lots of compliments. And I thank you so very much, I’ll definitely be buying another one soon.”

– Private Ryan Burns, 46th Mississippi Inf.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the extra effort you put forth in fulfilling my request for a hat that was difficult to produce. I am so pleased with the final product that I had to write and tell you.

I’m very sorry about the miscommunication concerning the first hat that you made for me. As I said before, it was beautiful, but just not the exact style that I wanted. You certainly went out of your way (above and beyond etc.) to remedy the situation, and I thank you sincerely.

The new hat is beautiful. It fits perfectly. It, truly is, exactly what I was hoping for.

I own and operate a small “muzzle loading” firearms and accessories shop and I come in contact with hundreds of buckskinners and re-enactors through the year, at rendezvous and shoots. I will wear my new hat proudly, and gladly boast about the high quality and the extraordinary service I received from your fine company.

Thank you again, and may The Lord bless your extra effort and richly reward you for it.”

– Steve Mote, Eureka, MT

“My top hat arrived yesterday. EXCELLENT hat! Worth every penny. Worth the wait.

This was my birthday present to myself…glad I was patient. What a hat!

Handsome, well-made, fits perfectly. I’m impressed.

Thanks so much!”

– Oz du Soleil

Posted on the SASS wire -“Last May I ordered a hand made hat from Bob and Kay Burton of Clearwater Hats that I saw on their web site. I just knew this hat was me. When I got the hat, although excellent quality, workmanship and authenticity, it just wasn’t the me I thought it would be but I kept it anyway. Well, come September, I remembered Clearwater’s one year satisfaction/return guarantee. I called Bob and he told me to return the hat and send Him a picture along with the measurements of the hat I thought would be me. Well, I found THE hat that was me and although they don’t stock or regularly make this particular Cavalry hat with a center Burnside crease, they hand made it for me and credited the cost of the original hat against the new one. This hat arrived today and let me tell the camp, this one is me!

If you want an authentic period hat of truly excellent quality (beaver), custom made or one from their web site, go to: www.clearwaterhats.com. They have the endorsement of Colonel Dan….an endorsement that doesn’t come easily by the way.”

– Colonel Dan

Posted on the SASS wire – “I don’t do endorsements but these people earned it the hard way!!!”

– Buffalo Springfield

“I received my “Trapper” hat last week. I love it! It is of the highest quality. It’s a lot more sturdy than I expected and this is good. It’s a perfect fit. I’m also pleased that you delivered it on the early end of the schedule. Not that it would have mattered, I would have waited as long as necessary for such a fine hat. I’ll show this hat wherever I go and recommend Clearwater to everyone.”

– Scott Hazel

“I had placed an order with you for two hats- The “Travis” and the General “Lee”. I called just to see if you had them in stock and Leon was kind enough to look through the hats that were brought back from a re-enactment you had attended. He found one that was not shown on your on-line catalogue, wide brim, flat crown, brown color in what Leon thought was my size, and sent it right out. Well he was right! Since that hat came I have given away two Akubra’s, one Baily, and one Stetson. These were all top quality Australian and American fur felt hats, but they didn’t have that something special your hats have. They were just going to sit around and become moth fodder. The hat I received has become my favorite- at least I hope, until the “General Lee” arrives.

Your hats have character (something we’re running a little short of these days), and function. As regards the “Old West” and the “Civil War” collections, these designs still work as originally intended and most every one is timeless in terms of form, style, and function. I want to thank you for your fine customer service, and exceptional hats. In particular, thanks to Leon. I intend to wear mine with pride, and put’ em in the will.”

– Tim Flynn

“Just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to finally match a face to a voice. Thanks for the great fitting hat (extra large Shiloh). I really appreciate the slight adjustment Bob gave to make it not as tight. I hope to see you at another event; maybe I will get another hat. This one will last forever but I might need a variety in my collection. I wish I had found you before I stumbled onto Dirty Billy’s for my first hat. It is good but yours is far superior, and your customer service cannot be topped. Your quality hat spoke for itself at Chickamauga. Counting my hat, there were a total of seven purchases by my company.”

– Mike Bringhurst

“It was good to see you this past weekend at the Cascades Civil War re-enactment. You make a fine product, as evidenced by how many of your hats we own. As promised, here is the brochure for which Tim and I served as models. He is wearing the Clearwater tricorn I bought him for Christmas a few years back.”

– Karen S.

“If you are looking for a reproduction top hat made faithful to the shape, construction, and look of a period top hat you can’t go wrong with Clearwater Hat Company’s version.”

– Joe and Kathy Scherer, Summer 1999 issue of The Watchdog, A Quarterly Review For Civil War Reenactors, vol 7, No. 3.

“I know you can’t see me, but I’m waving my brand new (just arrived via United Pony Service) hat to you from astride my faithful horse ol’Woodenchair. And a fine, fine cowboy chapeau it is too! Ordered up the Mc Crae from the folks over at Clearwater Hats www.clearwaterhats.com , and I’m happier’n a gopher in soft dirt! Looks good, put together well, and couldn’t fit better than if’n I’d sent my head! Many thanks to Kay and Company.”

– Dangerous Dick Dallas

“Received my Mosby in today’s mail. It is quite a handsome hat!! I am very pleased with it. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quick turnaround time of the order. This is my 2nd Clearwater Hat and probably will not be my last!! Again thanks for an excellent product and excellent customer service.”

– Bob Newman

“Bob, Thank you for the reply to my e-mail. I have worn the hat a few times now and love it! Keep up the good work! Many of my “pards” in the 125th Ohio have commented as to how nice the hat is and I have asked them to check out your web page. I hope to see you at an up-coming event. Thanks again.”

– Howard Morgan

“My Texican arrived today and I am happier than a one dollar bill in a stripper bar.”

– R. Kinsey

“I received my black beehive today. Great hat and IT FITS! Thank you again.”

– Ross Burkenstock

“Many thanks for my new English cocked hat! It fits like a glove and even makes this old timer look quite dapper! We now have a total of three of your wonderful Clearwater hats and we cannot recommend them high enough. At an event this past memorial Day, many of the people passing camp and those listening to our demos asked especially about our nice looking hats. We were only too happy to tell them all about your fine products. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you again.”

– Mark Rutledge

“Hi Bob, just a note to let you know that I received high praise on my new tricorn, I am very pleased with it.”

– Carlton

“Howdy, I ordered 2 hats from you, and have received 1 yesterday, Boy do you people do GREAT work!!! I am excited seeing the other one also, please e-mail me as to when to expect it… a bunch!”

– Robert Dean

“Greetings Clearwater Hats; I just received my Shiloh in via UPS and this hat is soooo nice! The workmanship is incredible. You definitely take pride in your products. Look forward to wearing it at reenactments! I will say, it was well worth the wait. Many of my pards have ordered from your fine company and have nothing but praise! Thank you and have a great summer. Kindest regards.”

– Harold Adams

“I received the replacement hat a couple of days ago. The fit was great and was exactly what I was looking for. It is good to know there are still businesses that live up to their advertising.”

– Tony Peecher

“I received the hat I ordered today. I was very surprised and pleased to receive it so soon. It fits fine and is very comfortable right out of the box. I am going into the mountains on a pack trip in a couple of weeks and should find out how it stands up to the rain, snow and etc.. It looks like it will do fine. Thanks very much and I am very pleased with the hat.”

– Larry Fite

“Wow! The hat just came! It looks great! Thanks so much for such excellent work. I really hadn’t expected it this soon so it was quite a shock to see it sitting on the porch just now. thanks for a great hat!”

– Jim Walter

“The hat is first rate.”

– Dom Del Bello

“What service! I read my e-mail and then the UPS guy arrives at my door. What a beautiful job and this hat fits perfectly. I will be so proud to wear this in honor to my country. This really fits with the impression I am trying to portray. I hope you will get many requests through me, for I will let all those that comment know that Clearwater is THE place for period hats. Thanks again for a fine job!”

– Jim Reynolds

“I am sure looking forward to my order. One of my best friends has one and swears by it for comfort, durability, and weather resistance. We were at a rendezvous last April and went on a trail walk in the pouring rain. My wool felt hat was soaked and in some spots, water came through not to mention the fact that it got a little distorted. His Clearwater hat shed water like water comes off of a turtle shell. The only reason I didn’t get one of your hats earlier was that this was the only event I went to last year where it rained. Lucky me. I doubt I will be this lucky this year. Thanks again.”

– Jim Bragg

“I ordered an Antietam from you several months ago and have really enjoyed it. My friend, Allen B. saw mine and was so impressed, he ordered one. Being a good Georgian and Southerner, I wear my hat to all dressy functions. At times I place a black ostrich feather in the band.”

– Tom Sparks

“Just received my Texican hat this AM via UPS. It fits perfectly and I am impressed with both the unique style and the great craftsmanship. I also thank you for the proper service!!!!!!”

– Bill Mistretta

“I just wanted to write again and say that I receive comments every day about my hat. I wear it more at work (as a Chareston tour guide) than I do at skirmishes or re-emactments, so it’s getting a work out. I am sure you will be getting a few more customers from Charleston.”

– Robert E. Ricks III

“I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received my new Clearwater Hat (the Longhunter), the color is beautiful and the fit perfect. I know it will not be the last hat I order from you. I’ll be sure and tell everyone that comes down the trail, where to get the best hat in the business.”

– Dennis Mitchell

“I have been out of town for three weeks, and came home to find my hat waiting for me, three weeks ahead of schedule. I cannot tell you how much I love the hat you all made for me. I’m a stickler for authenticity, and this hat fits the bill perfectly. It couldn’t fit any better if you had been in my house measuring me yourselves. What a wonderful job you did. Thanks so much!”

– F. Joseph Fox

“I received my custom Clearwater Hat today in the ‘beehive farmer’ style and I was very impressed with the craftsmanship, and the fit was perfect. I recommend Clearwater to all my pards. Thanks again.”

– Larry Morgan, 9th La. Cav.

“I received my High Rider and Low Top Hat today, and both are gorgeous as befitting your excellent workmanship. For the price I get a much better product from you than any local overpriced hat shop. All five of my hats (including ‘The Boss’ and the brown English tricorn, as well as eventually the special order green English tricorn) are masterpieces and fit perfectly. It is to your credit you requested a head template. My only dismay is not having enough house space to store more hats needing other than my current wall hanging storage (great for soft hats which make up most of my collection). I own about 270 hats and have several more on order from other sources. Thanks again for some great chapeau’s.”

– Donald Holland

“I just received my riding hat and I love it!!!! It is beautiful and a perfect fit!”

– Dayle Haworth

“Just a quick note to let you know I received my Boss of the Plains today. It fits perfectly!! A wonderful hat, it looks and fits and feels great!! Thanks you very much.”

– Jeff Stone

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received the plug hat you made for me. I appreciate the promptness of my order. I am well pleased with the hat. It fits perfect and it looks great with my Federal impression. Keep up the good work and I will highly recommend you guys to pards in the field.”

– Bryan Weaver

“Good morning! Just wanted to send you a quick note that I received my tricorn yesterday evening. It is quite exquisite! I am extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship of it. It fits perfectly, too. This is definitely going to be one of the most prized pieces of my attire that I use when I go to rendezvous. I will most definitely be sure to pass on to all of my friends and everyone that I come in contact with that this is a Clearwater Hat and in my opinion there is no other.”

– Ralph Winch

“I had the honor to buy two of your hats at Sharpsburg in 1997. They get better each time I wear them. Thanks for the great American hat.”

– Larry LaFont

“Just wanted to add my compliments on a really nice hat. I’ve been wearing my Bridger for a year or so now, and I think it’s very likely the best hat I’ve ever owned. I expect the next hat I buy will be another Clearwater. thanks, guys.”

– Jim Krause

“Thank you for the beautiful Gettysburg style hat. I am a skirmisher and a Charleston tour guide. This hat will be perfect for both work and recreation. Wearing the hat at work today, I received a bevy of compliments. One co-worker who is a hat collector claimed he has never seen a hat of such high quality. Your hat beats any Stetson I’ve owned in the past by miles. I believe my friends will be making purchases soon.”

– Robert Ricks

“Just received the hat today and it is much more than I had hoped for! I don’t believe I could be more pleased. Thanks you so much for your attention to detail.”

– Ellis Delahoy

“I received the hat yesterday; it looks great. I want to thank you for doing such a fine job. Your insight was ‘right on the mark’. I look forward to meeting you at some future reenactment.”

– George Mattson

“I received my hat last week. This one fit perfectly. I appreciate your quick response on replacing my hat. I think I sold a couple of hats for you at Gettysburg this year. They were all impressed with the quality of my hat. Thanks again.”

– A Howell, 3rd Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Co. D

“Thanks for my new hat. I didn’t think I’d get it in this early. I appreciate your promptness and am impressed with the quality which is your trademark. I believe I am the sixth member of my company with a Clearwater Hat. The styles vary, but we all agree on the quality. Thanks again.”

– D. Mumphrey

“Received my Slouch hat yesterday and was thrilled to find it to be everything you claim: fine materials, exemplary workmanship and perfect fit! It proves my confidence in the ability of American companies to produce high quality goods. Thank you!

I am now solemnly engaged in making an authentic sweat stain across the brow of my beautiful hat! Can’t wait for the next Civil War Skirmishers Association skirmish to be the envy of the other shooters.”

– W. Bonkosky

“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great job you did with my John Bull hat. I wore it this weekend at Gettysburg and it fit like a glove and looked great. I got lots of comments about it all positive. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.”

– J. Mortenson

“What a great hat! I just got it this afternoon from UPS and and it’s great! It is so nice that I am almost afraid to wear it Once again great job!”

– T.J.Cummings

“Received my black Slouch today. I am totally blown away by the excellent quality and craftsmanship you put into it. comparing this hat to the hats of one of your competitors it beats them in quality and appearance “hands down”! Your attention to detail is the true mark that sets you apart from the rest. Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to show off the hat to all my pards, thanks again.”

– Grant Johnson

“My hat arrived just a few minutes ago, and boy oh boy, I was like a kid at Xmas. Perfect color, perfect look, and the most important item, a perfect fit. Thanks a bunch, well worth the wait, which wasn’t long, and price was right.”

– Gregg Chippetta

“The Mosby hat I received yesterday is a peach! This product is second to none and your service and patience with me on this “rush” order was that which would benefit an old family friend.”

– Edward J. Gouvier

“My name is Brian Crawford and I was, until yesterday one of the hundreds of American Servicemen serving in Bosnia. I forgot how I got your catalog, but I remember every inch of it. It may not seem like much but something as simple as a picture of a couple of hats helps keep that fragile link back to the states intact. I went ahead and ordered a hat, a bowler. I think it is about the best hat I’ve ever owned. Matter of fact I’ve become somewhat of a walking advertisement for your company. Well thanx again, and heres to hopefully meeting you-all face to face one day.

“Being the proud owner of no less than seven Clearwater Hats, I was overjoyed to find out you had a web page. Your hats are the greatest! I love hats and have way too many of them, but your hats are the pride of my collection. I rave about you both whenever I can. Your work and craftsmanship is simply the best. Hats off to you both.”

– Brian Riley

“I have been meaning to write and say thank you for the wonderful top; hat that you produced for me late last month. The quality of the work and style is excellent–and the fit amazing. The hat wears like you measured me personally for the fit. I am very happy with your work and will mention your name to others who are looking for high quality hats. And of course, I will keep your catalog nearby for future museum projects that you may be able to help us with.”

– Chris Barnett, Director of Education-The Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Virginia

“Thank you so very much for the rush hat you made me and sent out to Las Vegas. It was a hit from the first time we all saw it!If you get a whole influx of people calling/writing you for information, it’s because I wrote down your web site and also your phone number. I wish you had sent me more brochures, as I only received ONE in my box along with the hat, I showed the brochure to everyone who asked at the Wild West Arts Club convention, but I hogged the actual brochure for myself to take home. No fewer than 20 people asked about my hat, which is a great percentage considering there were only 200 people at the convention, but they were from all around the world. Don’t worry, you were sure noticed!

I had pictures taken of me in the hat, and if they turn out, I hope to post one on my web site. I would be happy to be a ‘satisfied customer’ on your pages, if you need me to be. There were people in the casinos, stores, and even in the airports asking to buy the hat right off my head!”

– Lauren Muney

“I just wanted to let you know I received my hat today and all I can say is WOW!! I couldn’t be happier if I was twins. It is truly a great hat and I am sure it will be the envy of all my comrades in arms. Rest assured you will be getting some more orders soon. Thanks again for making that change to the beehive”. it is exactly what I was looking for. Well, gotta go but I will keep in touch. Have a great year!”

– S.W. Dutcher

“I am writing this e-mail now with a big goofy grin on my face and wearing an absolutely fantastic Bridger Style Clearwater Hat! Thank you for helping me to complete my persona with a truly original looking hat that is destined to be my new best friend. Thank you for lifting my spirits, your attention to quality and your quick, friendly service. I belong to a news group that focuses on the Fur Trade Era and a recent discussion about has given me the opportunity to tell literally hundreds of people about your product.”

– Frank “Medicine Bear” Stewart

“I viewed with elation your site. I am very thankful that there is finally a source of quality headgear. Your designs and offerings are truly top drawer. They are a sorely needed breath of air in the tired and tawdry wool hats that are currently the vogue….”

– Dr. Neill H. Payne

“I am now the proud owner of two Clearwater hats and the second is better than the first, an 1836 top hat. The English Cocked hat I just received is of remarkable quality and fit. It is amazing to me that other hat companies cannot come up with the same quality, style and fit that seems to be inherent in Clearwater hats. Your service and advice are unmatched in today’s world. Your attention to detail is awe inspiring. Now it becomes my problem to complete a reenactment as well as you started me out.

I can’t wait to order my next hat, probably a nice Panama. Thanks again for everything and hope to see you at Friendship”

– Christian Pedersen

“…. The tricorn that I received from Clearwater Hat Company is of the most excellent quality! I was greatly pleased that it was a perfect fit. This seems to be the greatest problem that I experience when ordering such items – they are often too small or too large. We will be reviewing Clearwater Hat Company in an upcoming issue of ON THE TRAIL magazine. Check out our web site on the internet: http:/www.wtaccess.com/ott. Thank you for a fine hat, well worth the money!”

– Rick Edwards Publisher

“Received my resized hat today. It fits perfectly. I just wanted to write and thank you for you prompt and gracious service. I hated to return my original hat that was too small. A mistake due to my assuming my hat size was the same as it’s always been without measuring the circumference of my head. I tried stretching the hat but it didn’t work so I had to resort to your return agreement. You not only sent me a hat that fits perfectly with no questions asked you even enclosed a nice note saying you hoped this new hat fit better. It does. I have been buckskinning for quite a few years now and have always heard good things about your company. Now I can reiterate those sentiments every time someone asks me about my authentic, beautiful hat. Thanks again.”

– Bill Putnam

“I write to thank you for creating the most beautiful and correct hats I have ever seen. Everything about it is perfect. I praise your quality craftsmanship at each event that I attend. Many people ask where I got such a fine hat and I am most proud to tell them that a very fine couple in the great state of Arkansas operates a business of high integrity called Clearwater Hat Company.

I now have four of your hats and I intend to order more very shortly. Thank you again for the most recent bi-corn, it is spectacular. I keep it on the mantle over the fireplace in my library. Don’t worry, I remove it whenever there is a fire in the fireplace. Included are a couple of pictures, hope to see you again at another reenactment.”

– Karl J. Fraley