Eliza & Trenton Hatman

The company was originally started in 1988 by Vaughn R. Brewer and his wife Kay. Vaughn had been interested in folklore, muzzle loading, archaeology, living history, photography, politics, and storytelling for a number of years.

In 1991 Vaughn passed away doing what he loved best, making hats at a living history event. The burden of running the company then fell to Kay who was pursuing a career as a sixth grade teacher. Trying to juggle these responsibilities proved difficult, but not insurmountable.

In 1992 Kay and Bob Burton met at a living history event held on Kay’s farm on Roasting Ear Creek. In 1994 Bob and Kay were married and it wasn’t long before Bob was making hats and traveling to historical shows with Kay. The company then experienced a revitalization creating award winning historical hats!

In late 2019 Kay & Bob decided it was time to stop traveling and sell the business. Eliza & Trenton Hatman became interested in buying the business in January of 2020. Eliza & Trenton first interned under Kay & Bob’s supervision for 5 months before buying the business and moving it to their parents’ farm in May 2020.

Kay & Bob Burton