Early American 1650-1860

The Longhunter

$150.00 | Coffee Color Shown

Styled in the classic tradition of the early American woodsrunner, Clearwater Hats proudly offers The Longhunter. The crown of The Longhunter is extremely low (about 3 1/2 inches)--as these hats were in the eighteenth century--with a four-inch wide brim. This is the hat seen in many paintings of the period. The Longhunter offers a period-correct alternative to the tricorn. Responding to the needs of those who go the extra primitive mile, this style is a Clearwater Hat exclusive. The brim can be cocked to your specification, side or back, at no extra charge. Available in sizes up to 7 3/8 in black, coffee, and pecan. The image to the right is a German drawing from the Revolutionary war era showing an American rifleman.

Please Note: These hats are very hard to fit as a result of the extreme low crown. Please be certain that the distance from the top of your ears to the top of your head is no more than about 3 1/2 inches as the hat will not fit correctly otherwise. There is a $20.00 restocking fee for returning this hat after purchase.

(Image to the Right: Ann S.K. Brown Millitary Collection, Brown University Library)

Cocked Hats

Vander Aa. Dickinson’s party struggles into St. Augustine

The term tricorn actually came into use after these hats were quite out of fashion. During the time tricorns were in widespread use, they were referred to as cocked hats because they were cocked up in order to show off the wig. From about 1680, the cocked hat was supreme for just over one hundred years.

Showing off and protecting the powdered curls of ruffled and bewigged gents, the cocked hat later became symbolic of American patriots when worn wigless in the colonies. You’ll like our high brimmed tricorns! Each of these hats has the sides hooked up just like the originals so the sides can be pulled down for protection and then hooked up again. The 1707 illustration to the right shows a tricorn on the right that has been folded down and the one on the left appears to be folded up. Please notice the flat or sugarloaf crowns.

Ann S. K. Brown Military Collection,
Brown University Library

The image to the right shows an American officer of an independent company commanded by Washington. It is taken from a 1784 German pocket almanac.

For the gentleman who wants the very best we offer a tricorn trimmed in antique gold galloon and knots, just like the originals.

The French Style is available with white or buff ribbon at no extra charge and we do carry a limited supply of cockades.

One interesting aspect of these two styles was that over a period of one hundred years both countries wore each style, much like wide ties going in and out of fashion or hems going up or down. American military officers during the revolution tended to wear the French Style while many American citizen soldiers wore the English Style. They would never have referred to it as an English Style, however.

Modern Eloquence, copyright 1900 by the University Association

The image of the American General Stark speaking to his men on the eve of the Battle of Bennington shows the general wearing a French style cocked hat while his men are wearing the English styles. By carefully observing the brim of the gentleman’s hat in the lower left corner, one can see evidence that it, too, is a tricorn but it has been folded down.

For those who desire all aspects of correctness, Clearwater Hat Company offers hand sewing of the brim ribbon (after all the sewing machine wasn’t in general use until the 1850’s). This extra is well worth your consideration as the tiny hand stitches give this hat an incredible signature of individuality.

Fancy Tricorn

$325.00 Black with Gold Trim

English Style

$160.00 | Pecan Color Shown
$25.00 | Hand Sewn Brim Ribbon

French Style

$160.00 | Black Color Shown
The Quakers preferred to leave the brims of their hats flaring out in order to shade the man and show the inner light.

Carriage Hat

$150.00 | Black Color Shown
The carriage hat was popular from the 1780's to the 1820's. It can also be made with a flatter brim and slightly taller crown.

Low Crown

$150.00 | Brown Color Shown
This is the working man’s hat of the 19th century and was as common then as ball caps are today. Please specify with or without ribbon on the brim.