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Robert Thomason (AKA) Rockin T Cowboy

I just received my ‘Boss” of the plains hat today and I love it.  I am a SASS member and an old west reenactor.  I am very particular with my wears.  I wanted a ‘period correct hat’ with high quality, and I got it.  If you are looking for a ‘store bought’ hat this is not for you.  these hats are hand blocked and hand sewn like the originals made over 100 years ago.  J.B. Stetson would roll over in his grave to know that his company doesn’t even offer the “Boss” of the plains hat.  His original design, that started all cowboy hats.  this goes to show you where the ‘big hat companies’ are today, following fads and forgetting about their heritage.  If Mr. Stetson were alive today he would probably be wearing a Clearwater hat.  they are made in the tradition of times gone by.  My hats off to you!

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