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Phillip Friddell, Blanco, TX

Kay & Folks, just got my new “Shiloh” yesterday & had to let you know it’s GREAT! It fits perfectly, is exactly what it is supposed to be in terms of accuracy (I’ve seen more than a few old hats!) and the quality is outstanding.

Furthermore, you advised me that I would have my hat in 3 to 4 weeks and I actually received it in 6 DAYS! I am impressed, and you have just become my hatter! (No, I don’t expect everything I order to deliver that quickly, but it was really nice to have it happen this time!)

You’d be amazed, or maybe not, but how poor most of the hats advertised for “old west” reenactors are—none that I’ve seen are even close to your level of accuracy or quality. It’s really nice to know that I no longer have to go to a custom hatter, select a blank, show him old photographs and explain what I want done, then have to have it done over when he gets it wrong the first time around. There’s no doubt that I’m now an advocate for Clearwater Hats!

You’ll be seeing further orders from me!

Many thanks on an excellent product and a job well done!

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