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Colonel Dan

Posted on the SASS wire – “Last May I ordered a hand made hat from Bob and Kay Burton of Clearwater Hats that I saw on their web site. I just knew this hat was me. When I got the hat, although excellent quality, workmanship and authenticity, it just wasn’t the me I thought it would be but I kept it anyway. Well, come September, I remembered Clearwater’s one year satisfaction/return guarantee. I called Bob and he told me to return the hat and send Him a picture along with the measurements of the hat I thought would be me. Well, I found THE hat that was me and although they don’t stock or regularly make this particular Cavalry hat with a center Burnside crease, they hand made it for me and credited the cost of the original hat against the new one. This hat arrived today and let me tell the camp, this one is me!

If you want an authentic period hat of truly excellent quality (beaver), custom made or one from their web site, go to: They have the endorsement of Colonel Dan….an endorsement that doesn’t come easily by the way.”

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