Fur Trade Hats

The Longhunter

Coffee Color Shown.

Ann S.K. Brown Millitary Collection, Brown University Library

Styled in the classic tradition of the early American woodsrunner, Clearwater Hats proudly offers The Longhunter. The crown of The Longhunter is extremely low (about 3 1/2 inches)–as these hats were in the hat fur trade hat longhunter hat eighteenth century–with a four-inch wide brim. This is the hat seen in many paintings of the period. The Longhunter offers a period-correct alternative to the tricorn. Responding to the needs of those who go the extra primitive mile, this style is a Clearwater Hat exclusive. The brim can be cocked to your specification, side or back, at no extra charge. Leather sweatband. Available in sizes up to 7 3/8 in black, coffee, and pecan. The image to the right is a German drawing from the Revolutionary war era showing an American rifleman.

Please Note: These hats are very hard to fit as a result of the extreme low crown. Please be absolutely certain that the distance from the top of your ears to the top of your head is no more than about 3 1/2 inches as the hat will not fit correctly otherwise.

There is a $20.00 restocking fee for returning this hat after purchase.