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Belled Crown Riding Hat -
Low Crown - $200, High Crown - $230
Black color shown

There is a certain elegance about this hat that will change your entire image.  The riding hat has a tulle drape enhancing the rider's charm and adding a certain flair, especially in the wind. Available in black only.

                                  (Front View)                                                         (Back View)

Ladies riding hat-low belled top hat.JPG (7326 bytes) Ladies riding hat-low belled top hat 2.JPG (8886 bytes)

This popular hat was seen from about 1797 through 1870.   A taller version (not shown) was also popular from about 1850 to 1890.  



Tapered riding hat tall.JPG (8702 bytes)Tapered Crown Riding Hat (Tall) - $180
Black color shown

This variant of the Riding Hat has a crown that narrows towards its peak. Both crown heights were worn from about 1780 until 1850 and both were extremely popular in the 1830's.


tapered riding hat short.JPG (7725 bytes)


Tapered Crown Riding Hat (Short) - $180
Black color shown





Ladies' Walking Hat - $130
Forest Green color shown

ladies walking hat.JPG (6499 bytes)



This hat was also used as a riding hat and was popular in the mid-to-late Civil War period until the end of the decade.






Vivandiere - $130
Coffee color shown

    The vivandiere of the Civil War era was an exceptional woman.  She braved the dangers of the battlefield in order to provide comfort and water for the wounded soldiers early in the war.  This hat is a fitting tribute to those brave and patriotic women in perilous times.

vivandiere1.JPG (9352 bytes)

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