We have anticipated many commonly-asked questions and have provided answers to them on this page and on our F.A.Q. Page. Please read these pages before calling us. If your question has not yet been addressed, you can check our Contact Page for our phone numbers.

The best time to check on an order is Friday afternoons. We are usually at our shop on this day of the week. Sometimes we are hard to reach by cell phone, so please keep trying!


We strongly encourage new customers to make a template of their head shape and send it to us with their hat order through the U.S. Post Office. We want your hat to fit your head correctly the first time, and a template is the best way to accomplish this. It is especially important that we receive a template if you have a hard-to-fit head shape, a large size, or you just want to be sure you'll get a good fit. Only one template is necessary - we will keep your head shape on file in case you want to order another hat.

DO NOT make the template out of a cardboard box with heavy cardboard.  We will not be able to accept it. The template must be made out of a light cardboard such as a file folder so that it will fold easily.

Once we have recieved your order, we will send you an acknowledgement by postcard. If there is a problem with your order, we will get in touch with you.

How to Make a Template

Head measurement.JPG (13497 bytes)
Head template-1.JPG (8491 bytes)
Head template-2.JPG (8975 bytes)

Measure around your head just above the eyebrows and above the ears, at the location where you would be comfortable with the hat's sweatband being placed. See the photo to the right for an idea of how this is done. Here Bob is being measured, and as you can see he is 22 3/4 inches in circumference.

The upper-left photo shows a template in the process of being prepared. First, take a piece of cardboard such as a file folder and cut an oval somewhat smaller than your head.  Then continue to cut out the oval until the template fits where you are comfortable wearing your hat.  The template should not fit too tight (it should not dip front or back because it is too tight) but should just fit comfortably. Be sure to mark the template with your name/address and phone number and be certain to mark which end is the front. The photo on the lower left shows how the template should fit when it is completed.

Mailing Your Order

To send an order by mail, just print out the order form linked at the bottom of this page and send it to us with a check, credit card, or postal money order. (Sorry, we can no longer ship C.O.D.)

Our mailing address is:

Clearwater Hat Company

1007 Clearwater Road

Newnata/Timbo, AR 72680

Our hats are crafted in the tradition of an earlier time when all production was by hand. The subtle differences in color, size, texture, and character express the unique identity of each hat. In other words, no two hats will be exactly the same. Unlike the large hat companies, we do not produce ten thousand hats of one size on identical aluminum blocks. Also, we do not carry a large inventory of finished hats. As we receive your order, we create your hat.

Colors: Our standard colors are Black, Coffee and Pecan. 

Sweatbands and liners: All hats are lined with a period hand-sewn sweatband. The Eighteenth Century hats will have a linen sweatband, and the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century hats will have a soft leather sweatband with a cotton/linen lining.



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